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smilemore 5 ways to grow your Facebook groups quickly

Facebook Groups: 5 Ways to Grow Quickly

Did you know that there are 200 million people who are members of meaningful Facebook groups? According to recently released data by Facebook. It also shows that this number has doubled since last year and is keeping Facebook on track to reach its five-year goal of 1 billion meaningful Group members.


So, why is this important? First and foremost, it ties into the site’s algorithm, which prioritizes interactions between friends, family and communities. If you’re part of a FB group, you’ve probably noticed that there are constant community posts in your timeline, thanks to the algorithm.


If you’re looking for a way to reach your current Facebook followers, the developments of one or more groups can help some of your challengers, as well as, improve the ways you engage with them. 


Second, these groups and communities tend to be much more involved. Everyone who joins has a common thing, they might be looking to join for a specific purpose or seeking connections to learn, solve a problem, find support, etc.


Third, these groups make it easier to target and educate consumers who are looking for some guidance. 


Well, these all seem great, right? The only thing is that it’s not as easy as people assume. Which is why we want to give you 5 ways to grow your Facebook groups.


Invite your Facebook followers!

There is no better way to start than having people who already know you and care for what you do join your group. But, before you go on to create more groups, think deeply about why you’ve created them, or want to create them, and how they make a difference in people’s daily lives. 

smile more busines facebook group tips

Make your groups valuable, write posts, send images with powerful messaging, videos, polls, quizzes and anything you can think of! Your messages should be inspiring, but not overbearing. The more value you can offer to your members, the more likely more will join!


Make sure Content is Flowing


After all the effort you’ve put to make your group page as inviting and valuable so people will join. (It’s best to have content up before you start inviting people). It’s time to keep that flow going and keep the content rolling. 


Here are a few content pieces you can create to mix up what you post:


Powerful articles


Important facts & figures

Case studies






Q&A sessions


There is a lot more you can do, you just have to be creative! One of the quickest ways to lose group members is to inspire them to join only for the to find that there is nothing of value there. A lot of people want to wait to have more followers/members before starting to post but those who join, don’t know this and just decide to leave.


Make sure your content is engaging and gets conversations started. Ask people to react, to voice their opinions, to share and more.


Invite your Email & Newsletter lists


You already have  a great source to connect with consumers and those who follow you or your brand. Use it! Let them know about the group and that it’s free to join. That new members will instantly gain access to transformative content, and they can be part of an amazing and passionate community!


And don’t forget to link directly to your group! The easier you make it for your subscribers or followers to join, the more they will do so.


Share your Facebook Group in your Social Media accounts


Post the link in other social media! You’re not bound to only promote your group on Facebook. Add it to your bio section on your profiles, be it Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok. Make posts that will grab others attention and link the rest of the info in your bio, use linktree or whichever format best works for you!


Use Ads!


smilemorebusiness how to grow facebook groups


Facebook Ads are used around multiple social media platforms, so why not use it to promote your group? Set aside some budget to run targeted Facebook ads and give your group some exposure. The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can define your audience and make sure only your target sees your ads!


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